6 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling With Your Dog Is Fun

Traveling with your dog can present difficulties when you bring your dog along. However, if you plan and prepare, your trip will be more enjoyable for everyone. Not only do you need to take extra care to keep things clean, but it’s also important that your canine companion is comfortable and can have a good time just like the rest of the family. These six tips will help you prepare for a great and memorable traveling experience with your dog.

Traveling with your dog can be fun, tips to help keep your dog safe.

Find a Pet Sitter

New environments are tough for dogs, and they can get especially anxious when they’re alone in a new environment. Since there will probably be activities you want to do that don’t include your pup, consider finding a pet sitter to spend time with them while you’re gone. You can find pet sitters in any city you travel to. Just make sure to do your homework (e.g.background checks, experience, etc.), and set up a meeting before choosing the right pet sitter for your dog. Find a pet sitter

Bring a Few Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up after your dog doesn’t stop when you leave home. While you don’t want to take up too much car space by bringing your entire cleaning closet on the road, you do need to bring a few essentials. For instance, a handheld vacuum is your best friend because they’re light and portable yet powerful enough to clean messes. Also, it’s important to have a stain remover and odor neutralizer handy. If the place you’re staying at has carpet, you may want to pack some vinegar; it can get potty messes out of carpet without damaging it.

Groom Your Pet Before You Leave

Another way to keep things clean is to groom your dog before you leave for the trip. Washing and brushing through their fur will help control fur and dander, and trimming their nails will help prevent dirt and scratches on your car’s interior, as well as the furniture and floors where you’re staying. Either set them up for an appointment close to the date of your trip or do it yourself. There are numerous online tutorials for grooming dogs.

Bring Along Some of Your Pet’s Belongings

Because new environments can often be difficult for dogs, it’s good to bring familiarity into the trip where you can. One way to do that is to bring along some of your pup’s favorite belongings. Having a couple of their toys to play with and sleeping in their own bed can make a big difference in helping your dog enjoy the trip. Also, don’t leave behind important items such as their leash, collar, and ID tag.

Try Not to Change Routines Too Drastically

Any kind of pet needs routine to feel safe and happy. Since you’re traveling, chances are your schedule will be a little different than when you’re at home. However, try not to make things too different for your pup. Feed them when you normally would, take them outside as much as you normally would, and make sure all their needs are taken care of.

Spend Time with Your Pet

Spend time with your dog when traveling with them.

Your dog needs just as much attention — if not more — when you’re traveling as they do when you’re at home. Find ways to include them in family activities, and spend quality time with them each day. It could be walking in a park, playing fetch, or anything else you both enjoy. The key is to make the trip a special time for everyone — including your canine companion.

When you’re traveling with your dog, planning, and preparing will make it a great experience. Remember to look for a pet sitter, bring essential cleaning supplies, and groom your dog before setting out for your trip. Try to keep some routine intact, and spend quality time with your pup.

Remember that life is better with a dog, and that includes traveling!

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