Back To School Time!

Summer is over and it is time to go back to school! During the summer break you probably had a lot of fun taking your dog for walks, playing chase and throwing the ball for your puppy to bring it back to you. Did your pet go on family vacations with you? Summer is a busy time, but it is also a more relaxing time than the rest of the year. Maybe you were allowed to play outside longer and you even got to stay up a little later because you did not have to go to school the next day. Your pets loved having so much attention from you!

Summer vacation with dog

Summer vacations are fun

But then suddenly, the summer vacation comes to an end! You will be leaving the house early every morning and staying away until the afternoon. Your dog will probably be a little confused and sad at first. Lots of mommies and daddies hear the dog whine and cry for the first few mornings that you are gone. Your pet cannot understand where you went. She may not even know for sure if you are coming back!

Dogs wonder when we will return and will wait for us

When are you coming back?

It would be a good idea to give your pets some extra special attention in September. As soon as you get home from school, try to give your pet time to run and chase and play for a bit. Your doggie has been waiting all day for you to get home! Maybe you could talk to mom and dad about getting up a little earlier so you have some play time with your pets before going to school.

Spending time with your dog after school keeps both your child and your dog happy

A little play time after school with your dog will make you and your dog very happy.

After a few weeks your dogs will get accustomed to your schedule and they may even know exactly when it is time to wait at the door for you! It’s almost like doggies have a magical clock inside them! They just know! That’s a good thing, because they would look awfully silly with a wristwatch on their paws, don’t you think?

Dogs are known to wait for their owners to return home

Your dog will be waiting for you everyday

On the weekends you could take your pup to the local dog-park. Almost every town has one now, and most dogs just love them! For some dogs, it is the only time they can run and play outside without that pesky leash attached to their collar. The freedom to run and tumble and play with other dogs is really good for them. It helps dogs learn to get along and it will give your pup some extra exercise.

Dog parks are a great way to socialize your dogy

Dogs love to play with other dogs

So Happy September! Make plans to give your pets lots of attention after you get home from school. Tell your puppy all about your day at school. Your pets are faithful friends. Make sure they know how important they are to you and your family!

Corridor Therapy Dogs help children overcome reading challenges

Read to your dog after school

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Susie Klein

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