Best Friend Day In June

If someone asked you, how many best friends do you have? One? Ten? Did you know that there is a day in June that celebrates best friends? Yep, it is true! Best Friend Day (BFF day) is a special day to set time aside, showing appreciation for your BFF; celebrate the special relationship you have and memories to cherish a lifetime.

Best friend day in June is day to celebrate friendship.

Now, what if your pet is your BFF? No problem! There are a lot of people, adults included, that consider their pet their best friend. On this unique day, show your love and appreciation for your furry best friend. 

My best friend is my pet.

Activities To Do With Your Best Friend

The day arrives and not sure what to do with your best friend? Here are a few activities to help get you started and make the day one that will be remembered forever. Make sure you take lots of pictures so you can review them at a later day for lots of smiles.

  • If your best friend is your pet:
    • Spend time reading to your pet
    • Play your pet’s favorite game (hide and seek, fetch, etc)
    • If weather permits, take your pet out for a walk or hike
    • Share a frozen yogurt cone
    • Take your pet to PetSmart and purchase their favorite toy

  • If your BFF is human: 
    • Send or make a card that expresses how much you appreciate your best friend
    • Go out for ice cream together
    • Watch your favorite movie 
    • Go for a bike ride 
    • Bake cookies

No matter if your BFF is human or your pet, the options to let them know how much you like appreciate them, is endless. Is there an activity that we did not suggest that you would like to do? Let us know; how did you spend this day? And, if you took photos, do share! 


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