Does Your Dog Love To Take A Bath

Does your dog love to take a bath or hate to take a bath? Most dogs are not too happy about bath-time but I have a few ideas that might make the job a little easier for everyone. #givingadogabath #dogbath

Does your dog love to take a bath? These two Lhasa's appear to love bath time

  • Don’t shout out that it is bath time until you have all of your supplies ready. If you talk about bath-time too soon, your little buddy has time to run and hide and start to tremble all over with dread.
  • Be sneaky. Quietly gather up the dog shampoo, a big fluffy towel and some treats. If you are outside, you will need a bucket, garden hose and maybe a leash to hold him or her steady. If inside, make sure all toys and other products are away from the tub you will be bathing your dog in.
  • When you have all of the dog bath supplies together and the water is warm, now it’s time to talk about bath time and bring your pup to the bath spot.
  • Speak softly and soothingly while you get the dog wet.
  • Have some favorite treats nearby as a reward for behaving calmly.
  • Get your dog wet from head to tail and keep in mind that when you get their head wet, be ready for the SHAKING to happen. They don’t want water in the ears, so they shake it out. Pretty good system really.
  • Once the hair is totally saturated with water you can add the shampoo. Be careful not to get it in their eyes or nose. Not a fun feeling for anyone.
  • Work the lather in so it goes to the skin and does not just sit on the top layer of fur.
  • Keep talking
  • Once you’ve covered your pooch with the lather and worked it in, it is time to rinse thoroughly. If you leave any soap on the doggie’s skin it will get itchy and bother her or him later.
  • When all the bubbles are gone, it is time for a quick rub down with the towel. Get your dog as dry as you can so they won’t feel cold. Some dog lovers like to use a blow dryer to dry their dog’s fur. Just make sure the noise does not frighten them too much.
  • Keep the bath time short and quick. Dogs don’t need a long relaxing soak, because they will not relax. They just want it over with!

Giving your dog a bath should be a very quick job. Do not make them wait, dripping wet while you go find a towel. If you do, you may have a much harder time getting cooperation the next time.

Shih Tzu after bath

Giving a dog a bath can also be a very messy and wet job for the person in charge. Be ready to change your clothes when you are done, especially if you have a big dog that is not at all happy with the plan!

But boy oh boy, are they happy when it is all done and you release them to run! Dogs often act totally crazy after a bath and run all over the place as fast as they can go. I’m not sure why this happens but it is pretty fun to watch! Leave a comment if you know why they do this. What do you think?



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