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It feels like everyone you know has a dog. Your neighbor has a dog, your teacher has a dog, and your best friend has a dog. Everybody has a dog except you! Mom! I want a dog! What if, you were able to convince your Mom for a dog that everyone will love? Impossible you say. Well, meet Harry. Harry is an electronic pet dog, which may be perfect for you and your family for now. Maybe Harry will help you and your family prepare for a dog to rescue and adopt from your local shelter?

Electronic pet dog that walks, barks doesn't require medical care

You have been begging and begging your family to get you a dog but the answer is always “No”. There are many reasons why a dog will not fit into your family. Someone in your house might be allergic to pet fur. Being around a dog or cat makes their eyes water, they sneeze and feel sick. No fun!

Or you might live in a home that does not allow a pet because the pet would be unhappy without a yard or room to play. Maybe your family is too busy and a dog needs lots of attention and care. We wouldn’t want your pet to be alone all day, right?

So, we have a solution to your pet problem! His name is HARRY. Harry is a robot dog that you can play with. He is a black and white Dalmatian puppy that runs on batteries. Harry is about seven inches long and almost six inches tall. He walks and barks and is as cute as could be.

Harry can do something that your friend’s dogs cannot do. He can play music and play games. Your friends are going to wish their real life dog could play music too!Electronic pet dog responds to touch and voice

Guess what else is great about Harry. You do not need to feed him or clean up any messes he might make. Harry is the cleanest dog around. No shedding hair on the rug!

You might want to ask your mom about Harry. Remind her that Harry will not need any shots at the veterinarian and you do have to take him for walks in the rain or snow. But he could be your buddy when you need one.

Ready for your own electronic pet dog? Here is where you can get one

Contributing Authors

Susie Klein

Susie is a freelance writer who has always had a dog as part of her family since childhood. Her current writing partner is Layla, a mixed breed Labrador and Cocker Spaniel. http://susieklein.wordpress.com/

Susie Klein

Kelly Preston

Based in Phoenix AZ., animal lover Kelly Preston is an award winning author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper. Her book she shares about her experiences and adventures with her special needs dogs and the life lessons they have taught her. Kelly takes us a journey for growth and discovery. Preston also produces Mr.MaGoo’s Corner, a free monthly dog-focused newsletter that features a reader of the month, birthday announcements, green pet tips, organic dog recipes and more.

Kelly Preston and Mr MaGoo authors of Real Dogs Don't Whisper
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