Help Make Christmas Wishes Come True For Others

Are you writing a nice long Wish List for Christmas? It seems like all the grown-ups around you keep asking the same question, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” There are even some awesome websites designed especially for posting your Wish List of items you hope to find under your decorated tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas Wish List

What will be on your Christmas list?


But what if you shocked everyone and really switched things up this year? Take a look around your bedroom right now. Do you have a lot of toys, books and games on your shelves (or the floor)? Mister Spunky and I have a new idea and we think you may be just the kid to get in on the fun!


Bedroom of toys

Are there toys that you no longer play with?

What if you asked for donations to a pet charity organization instead of presents this year? Your parents can look up the name of your local pet shelter; or, you could go shopping at a local pet store and drop off all the new items at your local shelter.  Or, what about donating your toys to a local church to help other children? 

You know you will still get fun stuff anyway, right? But you also may be able to be a big help to some children or pets in need this year.  Not all children or even pets are as lucky as you, why not help make Christmas wishes come true?  Better yet, ask your teacher to help collect donations for other children and pets in your area. 


Put your thinking cap on and find some unusual ways to make money to GIVE instead of just RECEIVE this year. Your local shopping center might let you set up a small table outside the stores to ask for donations. You could make an awesome sign and place a nice big jar or decorated gift box in the middle with an opening for the shoppers to drop their money donations.

When your relatives ask you what you want for Christmas this year, you can ask for donations to help children and pets instead of presents. You could even create a fun video about your idea and send it out to everyone! The donations could be toys, blankets, towels, food, and so much more; have fun making the video to get everyone on board with you.  

The pets and children that you save will thank you and your best gift will be that really nice feeling inside that you are doing a good deed.  Let us know how you helped someone’s Christmas wish come true.  We love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays! 


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