Keeping Pets Warm During Winter

Most of the United States is experiencing historically unusual weather conditions. People who live in places that are normally warm at this time of year are looking out their windows and seeing snow and icy sleet. Is your yard full of snow today? If your house is covered in snow you probably put on some extra clothes to keep warm, right? How about your pet? Is your pet safe against winter weather?  Keeping pets warm during winter is very important for their health. 

Cocker Spaniel sitting in snow

Your pets need some extra attention in the winter weather too. If you have a small dog with short hair, it might be a good idea to get them a cozy little coat for the cold days. Bigger dogs with short hair also like a comfy coat for extra warmth, but some are active enough that they know how to keep themselves nice and warm.

Lhasa Apso wearing sweaters to stay warm during winter

It is especially important that your outdoor pets have a warm place to get out of the bad weather. Some dogs live outside just fine, but they will need an insulated doghouse or well-built barn or shed during the months of bad weather.

Did you know that some dogs even get to wear boots when they have to walk in the snow? It looks pretty funny, but lots of pets enjoy them. Just imagine walking around outside in the snow in your bare feet? You would not like it one bit.

Dogs still need some good exercise even if it is raining or there is snow on the ground. But when the weather is seriously bad, it could be dangerous to go out for a walk, so you might have to get a bit creative. Your garage or a nice long hallway could be a fun spot to play catch with your dog. A dog also loves a crazy game of chase no matter where it happens.

Shih Tzu ready to play indoor fetch

Your pet is part of your family. So during cold weather or the hot and sweaty days of summer, always check on your pet and make sure they are comfortable. They will love you for it! How do you keep pets warm during winter?  Share your ideas

Pets are family and provide lots of love
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Susie Klein

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