May Is Mother’s Day

Are you seeing flowers poke their heads up in your neighborhood yet? Or do you still have snow around your house? The month of May means it is springtime and this time of year can include rain, sunshine and even snow. Do you know what else is important about the month of May? The best holiday in May is Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mother's Day with flowers

Remember Mom with beautiful flowers

Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday in the month of May. Of course, you love your mother all year around. But this is a special day for you to make sure she knows it. You want her to know how you are thankful for her and everything she does for you. 

Have you ever watched a mommy dog with tiny puppies? Mommy dogs do a lot for their babies, just like your mommy does a lot for you. Newborn puppies stay very close to the mother dog for 8 or 10 weeks after they are born. The mommy dog licks her babies carefully over and over again to make sure they are clean and healthy. She doesn’t want anyone to touch her babies because she is their protector and she loves them so much.

mom dog nursing her puppies

Mom dog feeding her puppies

 After a few weeks the mommy dog will let the puppies wander away from her. She wants them to explore the world around them a little bit at a time. She is still their protector, but she knows they need to grow up and learn about other dogs and people. This is a lot like when your mommy let you go play at a friend’s house for the first time or she let you go to school. Your mom is your protector but she wants you to learn how wonderful the world is too.

That is a pretty important job isn’t it? Mother’s Day is a fun time to give your mommy a gift. Can I give you a hint about the very best present you could give your mom this Mother’s Day? Go right up close to her face and look into her eyes and say, “I love you Mom”. I promise that she will give you a big smile because she loves you too! I hope you have a lot of fun in the month of May!

I love you Mom

Let Mom know how much you love her

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Susie Klein

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