How To Name Your New Puppy

How to name your puppy is an important decision

Did you get a new puppy for Christmas? I know that some of you got to open a lightly wrapped box and you squealed with excitement as your arms became full of a wriggling bundle of fur. Do you have a name for your puppy? Your dog’s name is an important decision. You will have to live with it for many years and you will be saying it a million times a day, it seems like. Here are a few tips on how to name your new puppy. #howtonameyournewpuppy

Your parents probably already had the new feeding bowls, leash, crate and dog food all hidden away somewhere so you would be totally surprised. Aren’t they clever? And sneaky?

There are several ways to pick a name for your puppy. Lots of people choose a name based on the appearance of their dog. A spotted dog will be called “Spot”. A brown dog might be called simply “Brownie”. But those are not terribly exciting or interesting are they? How about calling a brown dog “Chocolate” or “Hershey”? Those are fun and different, don’t you think?How to name your puppy can be from movie characters.

Another inspiration for a pet’s name can be their personality. We all know someone named “Spunky”, right? Spend a little time with your new puppy and watch the way he reacts to things around him. Get an idea about how he thinks and acts before choosing a name that fits just right.

When I was a little girl, I had a new puppy that kept hiding under the couch. I jokingly suggested naming her “Hidey, because she is always hiding.” We ended up naming her “Heidi” and it worked perfectly for her. Watch what your pet loves to do and maybe their favorite activity will give you a clue for the best name for him or her.

A Christmas puppy could be named after the season in some way. “Jingle Belle” is a cute name for a December pet. A summer time puppy might be called “Sunny” for instance.

Don’t forget to think about naming your new dog a people-name too. Do you have a favorite famous person or relative you’d like to remember? Maybe your silly puppy reminds you of a TV or movie character and you just cannot imagine calling her anything but “Elsa”. I have a feeling there are probably going to be a lot of Elsa puppies around this year!

Always remember that whatever you name your new pet will be with them and you forever. So make sure it is a word you can live with and still love for a long time. Good luck. Oh “Lucky” is another popular dog name, isn’t it?
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