National Cookie Day

Cookies! Who doesn’t love a good cookie or two? Did you know that there is a day set aside for cookies? Every year, on December 4th, it is National Cookie Day. What is your favorite cookie?  Chocolate Chip? Peanut Butter? No matter what your favorite cookie may be, there is actually a history lesson to be had here. #nationalcookieday

December 4th of every year is National Cookie Day.

Origin of National Cookie Day

Many, many miles from the United States, there is a country called Persia and it is there that the cookie was developed in the 7th century. When sugar was discovered, little treats were developed; this delicious treat became very popular throughout Europe. By the 14th century, everyone was enjoying cookies, everyone; cookies were enjoyed by royalty to street vendors. Hmmm, there might be a life lesson here? Imagine how amazing it would be if cookies could help everyone get along?

By the 17th century, cookies made their way across the ocean and could be found here in America. Any guesses what cookies were popular? Macaroons and gingerbread cookies were among the first type of cookies that gain popularity early on. It was the Dutch that gave the cookie, well, it’s name. They coined the phrase,“koekie”, which means little cake.

It was in 1980, a famous Sesame Street character proclaimed National Cookie Day. Yep, Cookie Monster!  The Cookie Monster never set a date for National Cookie Day, which is fine by us because there is no reason why we can’t have two National Cookie Days. Right?

Cookie Monster of Sesame Street agrees more cookies

How To Observe

Stop by your local bakery; or, bake your own cookies and share with family and friends. Not sure which flavor or type of cookie to get? Why not get a group of your friends together, share the expense and pick up several different types? 

Tell us; what cookie is your favorite? Do you have a recipe that you will use? Share your favorite cookie. 




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