National Walk Your Dog Month

It is a new year! Time to celebrate fresh, new beginnings and shed off unwanted items, including weight. How many of you had a lot of Christmas cookies? Raise those hands high! We all did, you are not alone. Did your dog get an extra treat or two also? Probably your dog and you picked up a few extra pounds over the holiday season. Guess what? This month, January is National Walk Your Dog Monthtalk about perfect timing to begin working out with your best friend, your dog.

January is National Walk Your Dog month

National Walk Your Dog Month 

Trust me, I get it, working out can be so boring and that is why working out with a best friend makes exercising so much better. And, if your dog happens to be your best friend, this just a whole lot better. Did you know that over 57% of American pets are obese? Yikes! Just like us humans, our dogs need to exercise and watch what they eat. If a dog is overweight, this puts their health at risk; heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and so much more. Just like your parents do not what you ever to experience health issues, the same can be said about your dog.

Ready to get started? It is very simple and by the end of the month, maybe you will be ready to do your first 3K Fun Run with your dog. Now, how cool would that be? To get started, will want to begin slowly, perhaps start out walking three times per week? For instance, begin walking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the first week and adding a new day every week. Also, begin the first week for thirty minutes and each new week, add an additional fifteen minutes. By the end of the month, you and your dog will be walking every day for one hour. Oh yeah, one hour is the goal and should be able to do 3 miles in one hour. 

Make sure that you have really good sneakers and your dog has a collar (harness would be better) that fits and a sturdy leash. Not sure? Ask your parents for help in determining how to properly fit your dog with a harness.

National Walk Your Dog is month long during January

What is that? You do not have a dog and want to participate in National Walk Your Dog month? You are in luck and your parents will be very proud of you. Contact your local shelter and ask if you may help walk dogs. See, these dogs are stuck in cages all day, dying to play and interact with humans. With you volunteering to walk shelter dogs, not only are you helping the shelter, you are helping the dogs receive attention and get them ready for their new home.

What do you say? Ready to begin walking? Share your stories how the National Walk Your Dog month challenge is going.



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