New Year’s Resolutions With Your Pet

It is January, the beginning of a brand new year! Many grown-ups like to make New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are special goals to accomplish in the coming year. Most grown-ups want to lose weight or get a new job or something along those lines. Are you going to make some New Year’s resolutions? What if you made a New Year’s resolutions with your pet?  How cool would the be?  

new years resolutions with your pet

Spending time with pets helps create fun times

It is like making a promise to yourself. Maybe you want to spend more time with your pets or work harder on getting good grades in school. Whatever you decide to do, I am sure you can do it if you really care about it.

I have created some New Year’s Resolutions for you to try. Some are very SILLY and some are SERIOUS. Why don’t you read them and tell me which ones are just too silly and which ones are serious?

Nothing is more priceless than a child's laughter

Is this little girl being silly?

Here we go:

  1. I promise to take my dog for a long walk every day and let her smell the flowers and sniff the signposts along the way.
  2. I promise to follow my dog around for a whole day on my hands and knees. I will do ALMOST everything she does all day long.
  3. I promise to find a great dog park near my home and take my dog there at least once a week.
  4. I promise to give my pets a good brushing every few days and even learn how to brush their teeth. But not my goldfish!
  5. I promise to work on a new trick or lesson with my dog every month because they love to learn new things.
  6. I promise to trade places with my pet for a day. She can go to school while I say home and sleep in her comfy bed all day!
  7. I promise to chase my tail and chew up a pillow.
  8. I promise to make sure my dog’s water is always fresh and the bowl is clean.
  9. I promise to play fetch and hide and seek with my dog every day.
  10. I promise to jump up and down barking with happiness when my family comes home at the end of the day!

Of course you know that some of these New Year’s Resolutions are very silly and impossible to do! Which ones did you decide to do this year?

The most important promise you can make is to love your pets and your family with all your heart. They depend on you and love you more than you know. Wouldn’t the whole world be a wonderful place if everyone made that his or her New Year’s Resolution? It can begin with you!

Pets help teach children the importance of love

Pets love hugs too

Happy New Year!

Contributing Authors

Susie Klein

Susie is a freelance writer who has always had a dog as part of her family since childhood. Her current writing partner is Layla, a mixed breed Labrador and Cocker Spaniel.

Susie Klein

Kelly Preston

Based in Phoenix AZ., animal lover Kelly Preston is an award winning author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, a book in which she talks about her experiences and adventures with her special needs dogs and the life lessons they have taught – how she has learned and grown from them and they have learned and grown from her. Preston also produces Mr.MaGoo’s Corner, a free monthly dog-focused newsletter that features a reader of the month, birthday announcements, green pet tips, organic dog recipes and more.

Kelly Preston and Mr MaGoo authors of Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Kelly and Mr MaGoo
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