October Is Wishbones For Pets

Who knows what a wishbone is? And, who knows what a wishbone stands for? Get this! Did you know that there is a national holiday called, Wishbones For Pets? The next time you see your parent cooking a chicken or turkey, ask them for the wishbone. The wishbone is a forked bone, looking like this (see below), put aside to dry out. Once the wishbone is thoroughly dried out, then you and a friend hold each side, close your eyes and make a wish. After you and your friend have made a wish, gently pull and the person left with the largest portion has their wish come true. #wishbonesforpets

Wishbones for pets is a national holiday


What Is Wishbones For Pets?

This national holiday begins Oct 15th and runs through until mid-November. The goal behind this national holiday is to provide pets that are in shelters with food, toys, blankets, and so much more. What makes this holiday even more special, October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month, with so many homeless pets in shelters every day, wishbones help make their wait just a tad more comfortable. Wishbones For Pets began back in 2004 by a pet sitter. This pet sitter wanted to make a difference for shelter pets, collecting items to be donated to local shelters. What makes this cause even more remarkable, it has grown from just a local small town to an international movement. 

Wishbones for pets helps homeless pets

How To Become Involved

It is incredibly easy to become involved in this worldwide cause! Simply tell your family, friends, teachers, neighbors and more, you are collecting items for pets; these items can be anything from food to blankets to toys to leashes and collars. Begin this collection on October 15th and continue to collect through November 30th. Do you have a pet sitter already for your pet? Are they doing this? IF not, talk to them too and together you can gather pet items to be donated. Then, early December take all the items that you have collected, have your parents drive you to your local animal shelter to drop off these donations. Do you know how many people and pets you will make happy? 

Looking for more information? Visit their website or Facebook page they have tips on how to get started. 

Who is ready to help make homeless pets? Raise those hands nice and high!! 


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