Paws Like Me Is Like Matching Pieces Together

Most families use the word “adoption” now when they talk about getting a new pet. It sounds a little more personal doesn’t it? The word adoption helps make it seem more permanent somehow. When adopting you are adding someone to your family. Forever! There is an amazing organization called “Paws Like Me” that is very fun and helpful. ( Paws Like Me is just like a match game where you make sure all the pieces match up just right. #petrehomingPaws Like Me is a pet adoption site that matches a pet to your personality and lifestyle

Adopting a pet is a very big step for anyone. It should never happen without a lot of thought and planning. Yes, there are special cases where you might rescue a lost or abandoned dog and adopt it into your home without a lot of searching and planning. But usually a family decides that it is time to add an animal to the home. So they adopt a pet.

Sadly, there are times when the pet that a family has loved has to leave the home. There can be many reasons for this to happen. If a family has to move into a different home and the new home does not allow pets, this can be a tough decision for everyone. There can also be financial struggles that make it hard to take proper care of a pet. An allergy to pet dander is another reason for a pet to find a new home.


For many years pet owners have left their dogs and cats at the nearest animal shelter, hoping that someone will come and adopt it into a new family. But now those shelters are too full and there is a wonderful new way to help the pet find happiness! This act is called, “rehoming”; finding a new home instead of a shelter.

Paws Like Me is helpful for people who are looking for a pet to adopt. The new pet lovers fill out some questionnaires about their life and why they want a new pet in their family. They will not let just anybody take a pet home. They have to prove that the new pet will be treated well and loved. Sometimes the old pet owner even gets to meet and approve of the new pet owner.

This way everyone can have a happy ending. If a family has to give up their dog, they can sign him up for Paws Like Me and be guaranteed that he will go to a good and safe new home. A new pet parent is able to meet the pet and learn all about him before bringing him home.

No one wants to see a pet be moved from home to home. But every once in a while a family has to make this tough decision and it is always best to rehome the pet instead of leaving him at a shelter.

Farley cancer fighting ninja off to his new home








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Susie Klein

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