Pet Safety During Fireworks | What Your Pet Thinks During July 4th

Ready for a little experiment? Close your eyes and imagine hearing a super loud explosion all of a sudden. Then just a few seconds later it happens again, and again for an hour! Now imagine how your pet feels during fireworks? Pet safety during fireworks is very important, it could be a matter of life or death.

Think about it, how would you react? Would you think the whole world was exploding around you? Would you be afraid? Would you sit calmly and not notice the explosions?

In the month of July we all love to watch the beautiful and exciting fireworks in the sky to celebrate our country’s independence. We know what it is about. We know why the explosions are filling the sky. But our pets do not know what is happening at all. They literally have no clue.
Pet Safety During Fireworks - Cat
Your dog or cat only knows that the sky is filled with fire and the explosions are hurting their sensitive ears. Dogs will bark to protect their owners. They will bark because they are afraid of the loud noise, and they may try to run away and hide. Cats will run and hide and may want to stay hidden for a very long time.

Pet Safety During Fireworks - Dog

Some tips to help you be a good friend and keep your pet safe during fireworks this Fourth of July:

  • Bring your pets inside during the fireworks if you can.
  • If they must stay outside, make sure they cannot escape the yard in their panic to get away from the explosions.
  • Be ready to cuddle and sooth your pets during the firework display.
  • If you will not be home, put your pets in a safe small room or crate so they will feel secure.
  • Do not allow your pets to be around the street fireworks that you and your neighbors may light.
  • Have extra treats ready, to distract your pets from the fireworks overhead.
  • Make sure your pets are wearing clear identity tags in case they run away during the fireworks.
  • Do not take your pet to the local park where others may be lighting firecrackers.

The main message in this little blog is that you are your pet’s very best friend, and so you have an important job to protect your pet at all times. Even if there really is no danger at all. They do not know that, do they? Your dog or cat cannot understand why we love to watch the pretty explosions in the sky. But they can understand that you love them and that they are safe in your arms.

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Susie Klein

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