Pet Safety During The Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Pet safety is very important doing the holiday season. 

Isn’t this the best time of year? Everyone is cheerful and busy. Many families are making plans to get together to celebrate this special holiday season. Is your family making big plans? How about plans with your pet?  The holidays are busy, fun and need to be safe for your pet, we are going to pet safety tips for your holiday season. 

Pet safety during the holidays is important

Dogs are really good at watching and listening to their people and your pet knows that SOMETHING big is happening around them. When your parents are extra busy, it is a good time for you to give your cat or dog a little more attention and care.

Mr MaGoo reminds everyone about pet safety during the holidays

Sometimes when a family gets super busy with holiday activities they may forget a few simple safety reminders that will keep your pets safe during this season. Here are a few important safety tips for you and your family in the coming weeks.

  • Some Christmas decorative plants are toxic for pets to ingest. Keep Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettia plants up high where your pet cannot use them as a snack.
  • Make sure that your Christmas tree is anchored in place so that your pet cannot knock it over.
  • Do not allow your dog or cat to drink the tree water. It can contain fertilizer and bacteria from standing too long.
  • The pine needles from a real tree can puncture the intestines of a small pet. Even the needles from an artificial tree can cause damage.
  • Warn your pet away from the tree light cords.
  • While wrapping your holiday gifts, keep track of your supplies if your pet is around. Ribbon, string, tape and other small items can be harmful if swallowed.
  • After opening your gifts, be sure to hide any small pieces safely away from puppy curiosity.
  • You may be tempted to share your holiday goodies with your dog. But chocolate is dangerous for pets and too many sugary or rich foods will make him sick.
  • If your family has a big party, it might be a good idea to give your pet a quiet room to stay if he is the nervous type. At least let him know there is a safe place to hide if needed.

Your pet can sense that there may be some extra holiday stress in the home. Give him all the comfort and attention that you can. Cuddles and playtime are the number request on your pet’s Holiday Wish List!

Happy Holidays Spunky Fans!


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Susie Klein

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