Potty Train Your Puppy the Right Way

Teaching your new puppy how to go to the bathroom outside is one of the toughest parts of raising a young dog. But with lots of love and patience, you can potty train your puppy to go outside and not on the carpet in your house!

Potty train your puppy for a well behaved and respectful pet.

Do you want your puppy to be your best friend? Then help her to know where you want her to go! Here are some tips on the best ways to help make potty training go smoothly.

Tips To Potty Train Your Puppy

1. Understand that your puppy is just a baby.

Just like it takes time for a young child to go from diapers to the toilet, your puppy needs time to grow up and learn what you want from her. It’s unreasonable to expect a puppy to be fully potty trained before she is six months old.

Patience and understanding are necessary because your puppy is bound to have a few accidents here or there while her body grows and she learns where and when to go.

2. Create a daily schedule for your little one.

Set the tone for your puppy by setting up a schedule for her, and then stick to it every day. She needs your help and guidance, and providing a structure that she can rely on is the key to potty success!

Feed your puppy twice a day — once after the morning walk and once in the evening — and take her to potty outside afterward. By following this schedule, and giving your puppy enough potty breaks during the day, she will not need to go to the bathroom so much. But if you free feed her throughout the day, you’ll definitely need to hire a carpet cleaning company.

3. Give your puppy a cozy den of her own.Potty train your puppy with these simple tips

How does successfully potty training your dog and giving her a cozy place she will love sound? It sounds great! That’s why crate training is a highly successful way to housetrain a dog.

Your pup will stay in a crate during the day when you are not home, and the crate will become her personal space. She won’t want to potty in her “den,” so she will learn to wait until she is out of the crate to potty.

If you use a crate for housetraining, make sure it’s not too big and not too small. Your puppy should be able to turn around, lie down, and stand up in the crate without difficulty.

4. Positively praise your pup!

When your puppy goes outside to the bathroom, praise her, so she knows she’s doing what you’ve asked of her. Don’t raise your voice or go overboard; calmly offer praise in a cheery, upbeat voice. You can even offer a treat, too!

Be sure to praise your dog immediately after she goes to the bathroom, so she learns to connect your praise with going potty outside.

Now that you know how to potty train your four-legged friend, here are some actions you should avoid.

1. Don’t punish your puppy for a mistake.

Accidents are going to happen with any baby animal; they happen with little children, too! Never yell at or hit your dog, and never rub her nose in her mistake.

If you want your dog to be your best friend, treat her with love and respect, even when she has an accident. She will love you for it, and she will try harder next time.

2. Don’t feed your dog lousy food.

Your puppy’s tummy will react to the kind of food you feed to her. If you feed her poor quality food, her stomach will react, and she will have to go to the bathroom more. You may also have more accidents in the house if the food makes your dog sick.

3. Don’t make your puppy wait too long to go.

You know what it feels like to have to wait to go to the bathroom. Don’t make your puppy feel the same way. Her bladder is small, and she won’t be able to hold it for long. Never make her hold her bladder for more than seven hours; she will have no choice but to have an accident.

4. Don’t paper or pad train your puppy.

Using pads or newspaper to train your puppy might seem like a good idea, but you will be confusing your dog. She may end up thinking that it is acceptable to potty in the house, and that’s not the message you want to send to her. Stick with crate training for better results.

Potty training a puppy is always tough, but with teamwork, patience, and love, your pup will be on her way!


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