Ways To Prevent Fleas And Ticks

Have you ever felt like something was crawling on you? Creepy, right? Imagine how our pets feel when there are fleas and ticks on them? Yuck! And, fleas and ticks spread disease, to our pets and possibly you too. Double yuck! Here are a few ways to prevent fleas and ticks, brought to you by Petco. #preventfleasandticks

How To Prevent Fleas And Ticks

Preventing fleas and ticks can be rather simple; from helping your parents inside the house by vacuuming daily to helping your parents outside with yard work. Did you know that fleas really dislike the sun? Yep, it is true! By keeping your yard neat and trim and reducing areas for fleas to hide, this will help reduce them jumping on you and your pet. Oh yeah, fleas can jump on you without you knowing it.

Petco’s blog, shows steps to take to reduce fleas and ticks making their presence. Check out this easy to follow image:


Ways to prevent fleas and ticks hosted by Petco


Wanna learn more about preventing fleas and ticks? Even facts about these creepy crawlers? Check out Petco’s blog for more information and tips on how to keep fleas and ticks off your pet, off you, out of your yard and your home.

Would love to learn, how do you prevent fleas and ticks? What methods have your parents used? Will you try any one of the times in the blog? Let us know!



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