Real Dogs Don’t Whisper

Do you believe in second chances? Award winning Real Dogs Don’t Whisper ( ISBN 978-1467998857) book is about second chances and miracles. Special needs dogs teach their human about life and how to believe and live in the moment. At times hysterical, tear-jerking, always enthralling, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper is more than a book about dogs it is a book about life. Read the story behind, Mister Spunky and His Friends; parents, read this story as your children read their book.  View trailer

Real Dogs Don't Whisper Book

Award winning paperback book

“ Anyone who has ever loved a pet will want to read this one, but more than that it’s a story that reminds us of second chances and unconditional love.On a scale of one to five this book deserves at least a ten because it’s just that good! I would love to read more from this author! Highly recommended.”

“Real Dogs Don’t Whisper by Kelly Preston is a heart-warming, amazing, love-filled, and heart breaking tale that every dog lover should read.”

” I could not put this book down once I started. What compassion and beautiful Heart Kelly Preston has. This story will make you both laugh and cry. It is such a heart warming, page turning read.We have Mr MaGoo…he is the delightful co-author. He does seem to have a big focus on more treats. He tells it like it is about the other members of his Canine family. This is a book for any dog lover, and I am. Kelly has experienced the unconditional love that dogs give us.”