Meet The Characters

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“We sat down to read Mister Spunky not knowing background on the book. For once I didn’t know the preset for this book. I was amazed when I learned that it was about friendship and bullying and acceptance. What an incredible way to reach out to kids.” 


Mister Spunky friend Buffy

Meet Buffy, a beautiful Cocker Spaniel.  She loves to wear bows in her hair, as her hair is long and silky.  Until she meets Mister Spunky, she doesn’t feel beautiful because other dogs picked on her and made her feel sad and unloved.  Mister Spunky meets her, becoming her best friend, helping her to learn that she is beautiful inside and out.


Mister Spunky friend Carla MaeNext meet Carla Mae.  Carla came from a home that didn’t love her, never showing her love or giving love.  This made Carla Mae hurt her, making her very angry at the world.  When she meets Mister Spunky and Buffy, she learns the true meaning of love and friendship.




Mister Spunky friend Miss SunshineMiss Sunshine is just that, a cute little girl puppy that offers sunshine to everyone she meets.  Miss Sunshine is blind and was left all alone, scared and afraid. When Mister Spunky, Buffy and Carla Mae meet her; they immediately help her and invite her to be their forever friends.