It’s Time For Fireworks! Children, Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During July 4th

Don’t you just love summer time? You are having fun playing outside every day. You might be going swimming, playing ball or going to the beach. Summer is a time of outdoor activity for the whole family, including your dog. As part of your family, you don’t want to leave your puppy home alone if you can find a way to include him or in the family fun! 

Mister Spunky and his friends playing at beach

Mister Spunky and his friends enjoy beach time

There is a very special American holiday in the summer time. Can you guess what it is? Yep, it is Independence Day or another name for it is the Fourth of July. What does your family do to celebrate the Fourth of July? Do you set off fireworks or do you go the local park and watch a big fireworks display presented by your city for everyone to enjoy?

July 4th fireworks

Whether you do your own fireworks or you go to a citywide fireworks show, you need to make sure that your pets are taken care of first. The unexpected loud explosions may upset and frighten your pets. They have no idea that you are celebrating Independence Day, do they? All they know is that there are a lot of terrible, loud noises happening for no reason! 

Your dogs and cats can become very scared. When a pet is frightened, he will usually try to find a place to hide. Your dog may try to climb the backyard fence and escape. Your kitty might climb up on the high bookcases in your house. They could get hurt easily because they are in such a panic to get away from the sounds of the firecrackers exploding.

pets don't like fireworks

You may want to plan on saying home with your pet during the fireworks display. If you can’t do that, then make sure that your pet is in a safe and secure spot away from the loud noises. Many dogs that never escaped from their yard before, may try it during the panic of July Fourth. Instead of leaving your dog in the backyard, put him in his crate with a favorite chew toy so he will feel safe and contented until you return home. Try not to stay away for too long.

Summer is full of wonderful chances to spend more time with your pet. Do everything you can to make the summer months just as fun for your pets as it is for you!

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