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Do you like to train your dog to do fun tricks? Dogs love learning new things, especially if it means they will get a yummy treat! Most dogs will do just about anything you want, in order to earn a dog treat. Tricks for dogs to learn, helps keep them entertained.

Dogs love to search for treats

It is fun to show your friends all the silly tricks that your dog can do. A smart dog will twirl like a dancer, play dead when you say, “Bang!” or pray before eating his food. They love to make you happy and proud.

But there are two very important actions that every dog should be taught. Be sure to teach these “tricks” before you teach him or her anything else. These two behaviors will keep him safe and peaceful in many situations.

The two most important things to train your dog are SIT and COME.

Dogs are able to be trained to sit

Why is SIT so important?

When the front door opens and the neighborhood cars are speeding by, train your pet to SIT at the open door. When company comes over and your dog wants to jump on them, train him to SIT and wait to be greeted with a pat. When your little cousin has food in her hands, train your dog to SIT and not grab the food away. When your dog wants to jump at the front window because he sees the mailman, train him to SIT quietly.

As you can see, the task of SIT can be very important for your dog to know.

The other vital trick for your dog to understand is COME.

Dogs trained to come on command keeps them safe

Why is COME important?

When you are in your yard with your dog and you see a strange dog coming toward you, train your dog to COME quickly for his own safety. When the doorbell rings and your doggie wants to get all excited, train him to COME so you can get him calm before you open the door. When it is time to feed your dog, train him to COME so he will see the yummy food is ready. When you are at the dog park train your dog to COME when it is time to go so you don’t have to chase him all over the place.

So, your dog needs to understand these two behaviors before anything else. SIT and COME will save your dog’s life and make your life much more fun and happy too!

Dogs trained for sit, are able to sit for photo shoots

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Susie Klein

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