What If Your Pet Had Thumbs

There are many odd and silly holidays that are actually official holidays. One of the most unusual special days in March is called, If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Seriously! Take a glance, we didn’t believe it either until we read it.

What If Your Pet Had Thumbs

What do you do on such a day? Well, the creators of If Pets Had Thumbs Day suggest that you use the day to imagine how different your life and your pet’s life would be if they had thumbs like ours.

It is hard to imagine at first. So I asked my dog, Layla what she would do differently if she had thumbs that worked like mine. She just stared at me like I was coo-coo. When I asked her a second time she turned around and left the room, so no answers from Layla today. Sorry about that.

I guess it is up to us humans to use our imaginations on this one. Let’s think about this for a minute. If my dog Layla had working thumbs I can picture her opening the doorknob into the laundry room where her dog food is stored and helping herself. Even though she always likes my food better than hers. Layla thinks she has thumbs instead of paws

She would also love to unlock the back door when she notices that the neighborhood squirrels are playing in our yard. That drives her crazy! Even without thumbs, Layla is really good at pulling blankets off the back of the couch and carefully arranging a little nest to sleep in each night. So no thumbs needed there.

Thumbs would come in handy when she is trying to get her treat out of the treat toy that I give her to play with. But she has a great trick to get the treats out. She lifts it up and tosses it over and over again until each bit has fallen out. Opposable thumbs would make it much easier, but not nearly as much fun!

What about your pet? If your kitty or dog or goldfish had human thumbs, what could they do differently? A cat can climb much better than a dog, so just imagine all the fun stuff they would find to do!

Oh wow, the more I think about it, the more I am thankful that our pets do not have thumbs like ours. This way they need us just as much as we need them. We make good partners for one another, don’t you think? 

Mr MaGoo and Carla Mae are happy to have paws and not thumbs

Contributing Authors

Susie Klein

Susie is a freelance writer who has always had a dog as part of her family since childhood. Her current writing partner is Layla, a mixed breed Labrador and Cocker Spaniel. http://susieklein.wordpress.com/

Susie Klein

Kelly Preston

Based in Phoenix AZ., animal lover Kelly Preston is an award winning author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, a book in which she talks about her experiences and adventures with her special needs dogs and the life lessons they have taught – how she has learned and grown from them and they have learned and grown from her. Preston also produces Mr.MaGoo’s Corner, a free monthly dog-focused newsletter that features a reader of the month, birthday announcements, green pet tips, organic dog recipes and more.

Kelly Preston and Mr MaGoo authors of Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Kelly and Mr MaGoo
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