Pet Related Blogs For Children 2013 thru 2015


  • Yellow Dog Project: Does your child know what a yellow ribbon on a dogs’ leash means? Do you? Learn more

  • Corridor Therapy Dogs’ As Teachers: Have you ever considered a dog to help overcome learning challenges? Learn more

  • Fruits and Veggies Are a Dog’s Best Friend: Did you know that peas are great for your dog too?  Learn More

  • Halloween and Pet Costume Safety: Do you know that not all pets enjoy costumes?  Learn More

  • Thanksgiving and Pet Safety: Do you know which Thanksgiving foods are safe for your pet?  Learn More

  • Help Make Christmas Wishes Come True For Others: What if you could help make Christmas wishes come true for others? Learn More



  • New Year’s Resolutions With Your Pet Learn More

  • Valentine’s Day For Your Pet Learn More

  • Keeping Pets Warm During Winter Learn More

  • Tricks For Dogs Learn More

  • Pets Are Afraid of Thunderstorms Too  Learn More

  • June Is National Adopt A Cat Month Learn More

  • Pet Safety During Fireworks|What Your Pet Thinks During July 4th Learn More

  • National Dog Day- Activities For Children To Celebrate on August 26th  Learn More

  • National Checkers Day, Learn More About This Holiday Learn More

  • October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month  Learn More

  • National Young Readers Day Learn More

  • Pet Safety During The Holidays Learn More

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